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Chicken coop and laying hens for rent!

You like the idea of raising a couple hens at home?  You would like to collect fresh eggs every morning as you get out of bed? 

During the fair season it is now possible to put a little life in your garden without having to be stuck with a permanent coop.  With the rental of a seasonal chicken coop you will not get stuck with all the work, when the kids that promise to do it, are not as interested or when the cold season start and getting out by a nice February morning is not as tempting.

The Concept!

We rent you a chicken coop, with layers and everything you'll need to keep them in your own backyard for the season.

We supply the water bowl, starting feed, egg cartons etc.

At the set date we deliver and install the kit.

we give you all the instructions to care for your hens.

You collect the eggs.

(1 egg per hen per day)

At the end of the season we come and pick-up everything.

Why rent?

Renting has advantages, first, simply to try having chickens, for the kids or natures lovers.  It bring you in contact with farm stock and bring a little life in your garden.  As a bonus you’ll get to eat fresh eggs, ecologic that you collected in your backyard.

Small coop, little commitment, with the rental no investment or landscaping needed.

Renting seasonal allows you not to have to maintain a coop when it much more demanding, in the winter.  You will not have to deal with the hens when they are to old to lay or sick.

And if the experience is not convenient anymore, you can return them at any time, no questions asked.

A ecological choice.

You can feed your hens some tables scraps, a ecologic way to waste less

The hens are a natural insecticides since the eat bugs

They produce an excellent natural manure.

Our hens are not shoot with hormones

And at last the eggs they produce are made up with what you give them!!!

(look at the practices of the giants producers!)